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Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream


  1. Large tray (2)
  2. Shaving cream
  3. Paint or food coloring
  4. Craft stick
  5. Scraper
  6. Card stock paper
  7. Towel paper/wet wipes


  1. Set-up your area, I used dollar tree plastic table cover to cover my work area.
  2. Spray shaving cream into the tray and cover it completely.
  3. Add drops of food coloring, or paint all over the shaving cream. We did this a couple of time, with random design and we also made a rainbow.
  4. Using a craft stick, swirl and mix the colors and make a design that you like.
  5. Lay card stock paper onto the shaving cream and press firmly.
  6. Lift the paper off the shaving cream slowly and lay it in the second tray facing up.
  7. Using a scraper, wipe away the shaving cream.
  8. Repeat, or add more colors and mix to make some new designs.