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Lily Pad Sensory Bin

Lily Pad Sensory Bin

While we are learning the letter L, we decided to add a sensory bin activity that goes in depth of what a lily pond environment is.


This Easy water play activity for beautiful sunny days like today. We enjoyed playing and splashing water while learning about Lily pond environment.

Materials needed for this Sensory Bin:

*Most of the materials I picked up from Dollar Tree.

  • Clear Bin
  • Blue water (add 2-3 drops of blue food color)
  • Glass stones Blue water beads
  • Foam Lily pads (cut out from craft foam) and plastic frogs
  • Plastic frogs
  • Purple flowers


  • Add water, water beads, flowers, and stones to the bin.
  • Then add Lilly pads and frogs.
  • Let your little ones have fun!

Sensory play supports language development, fine and gross motor skills, and problem solving skills. Sensory bins are great for social interactions and can create an opportunity to spark joy and interest on a given topic.