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Salt Painting

Jellyfish salt painting. This was a fun art activity to do using glue, salt, and food colors🎨. It can be done with any picture/theme in mind, child name, 🌈 picture of a rainbow, or flowers💐.

We drew a Jellyfish because we are learning the letter J and this was an awesome activity to go along with our letter.

Also, using a dropper will help with grasping and fine motor skills!

Glue, salt, food color, dropper, cardstock paper.


  1. Draw glue designs on your card stock.
  2. Sprinkle with salt until the glue is covered.
  3. Take off the excess salt
  4. Use dropper in food color and pour it over the salt to paint different colors.
  5. Once done, let it dry.

Have fun creating fun bright pictures!